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Safety/Public Awareness

Safety is our number one concern at WTG. We care about your safety, the safety of your family, friends and co-workers.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Espanol vea abajo

To our Valued Customers:

 During this unprecedented time, West Texas Gas, Inc. (WTG) certainly understands the impact that COVID-19 is having on our communities and daily lives.  WTG wants to assure you that our top priority is the safety of our employees, communities, and customers that we serve on a daily basis.

 WTG is committed to continuing to serve our customers natural gas requirements during this COVID-19 outbreak and are in contact with and following the guidance and recommendations of local, state, and federal officials. 

 WTG employees have been instructed to take the following actions for us to continue to provide safe and reliable natural gas service, including frequent hand washing, sneezing/coughing into a tissue or elbow, frequently cleaning public surfaces, and asking employees and customers to not congregate in common areas of WTG offices observing social distancing.

 WTG’s commitment to being “the energy to make a difference” will continue to lead us through this unprecedented era in our efforts to continue to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to our valued customers.    



 A nuestros valiosos clientes:

Durante este tiempo sin precedents, West Texas Gas, Inc. (WTG) ciertamente entiende el impacto que COVID-19 esta teniendo en nuestras comunidades y vida diaria.  WTG quiere asequrarle que nuestra

maxima prioridad es la seguridad de nuestros empleados, comunidades y clientes que servimos a diario.

WTG se compromete a seguir atendendo a nuestros clientes los requisitos de gas natural durante este brote DE COVID-19 y esta en contacto con y siguiendo las directrices y recomendaciones de funcionarios locales, estatales y federales.

Se he instruido a los empleados de WTG que tomen las siguientes medidas para que continuemos proporcionando un servicio de gas natural seguro y confinable, incluyendo el lavado frecuente de manos, estornudos/tos en un tejido o codo, la limpieza frecuente de superficies publicas y pedir a los empleados y clientes que no se reunan en areas comunes de las oficinas de WTG que observan el distanciamiento social.

El compromise de WTG de ser “la energia para marcar la diferencia” continuara llevandonos a traves de esta era sin precedentes en nuestros esfuerzos por continuar proporcionando un servicio de gas natural seguro y confinable a nuestros valioso clientes.