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WTG owns and operates approximately 5,797 miles of Natural Gas Distribution mainlines and serves 28,670 customers within the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Answers to the questions we receive most often. If you do not find an answer to a question you may have, please contact your local customer service office.

Q: What do the charges that appear on my bill mean?

A: Click the following link: Understanding My Bill

Q: Why do I have to pay a Rate Case Surcharge?

A: On September 27,2012, West Texas Gas filed a Statement of Intent to increase rates within the state of Texas. The proposed rates were challenged by a coalition of cities, and thus began nearly eight months of negotiation and legal proceedings. During that period, significant legal expenses and fees were incurred both by WTG and the involved municipalities. In order to lessen the financial burden, a portion of these fees is being passed on to our customers in order to recover a portion of the expense for all parties involved in the rate case.

Q: Why is my bill so high?

A: If your bill is higher than what you expected, there could be several explanations. The two factors that influence the amount of your monthly bill the most are gas prices and consumption (the amount of gas used). Since gas prices are market-driven, there is nothing that can be done to alleviate the impact that they have on your bill, but by checking the cost factor (which appears in parentheses next to the words Cost of Gas on your bill), you may see the reason for your bill being higher than normal. If the cost of gas has not increased, the only other explanation for a high bill is high consumption. Compare your consumption for the month in question to previous months to see if you have simply been using more gas. If you believe that you have not used the amount of gas listed on your bill, you may want to contact WTG to check for leaks or to request to have your meter re-read. If this is the case, it is important to keep in mind that if you have had a leak that resulted in a high bill, you will still be financially responsible for the bill in question, as WTG does not maintain the gas line on your side of the meter. Also, while WTG is willing to re-read your meter at your request, if we discover that the original reading was correct, a $20.00 re-read fee will be added to your next bill. If the original reading is found to be erroneous, there will be no fee for the re-read, and your account will be properly adjusted to correct the error.

Q: Do I have any options available to me if I am having trouble paying a high bill?

A: Yes, there are some options open to you.  One option you might want to consider is signing up for Equal Payment Plan (EPP). EPP allows you to average the higher winter bills with the lower summer bills so that the amount paid every month is a consistent amount, thereby eliminating sudden “spikes” in your gas bill.  For more information on the EPP, please visit the “Paying My Bill” page on westtexasgas.com website. Another option is to sign a Deferred Payment Agreement, which will allow you to pay a portion of your past due balance every month along with your current charges as they become due.  The amount of your additional monthly payment must be approved by WTG, and will be listed on the agreement form.  The agreement is binding and payment must be rendered on or before the due date every month to avoid disconnection.  If a payment is missed, the agreement becomes void and all outstanding balances are immediately due to avoid disconnection.  In the event of a broken payment agreement, you will no longer be eligible for agreements of this nature. One other avenue to consider is seeking out an Energy Assistance Program (EAP) , or a charitable organization that offers assistance to qualified individuals on their heating and cooling expenses.  If you have applied for energy assistance and you are awaiting a response, please notify your local WTG customer office as soon as possible.

Q: Why did I get a disconnect notice even though I paid my bill?

A: In most cases, this is simply the result of timing:  WTG received your payment after the disconnect notices were generated and mailed.  There is also a chance that we never received your payment, and you will need to check with your bank to verify the status of the check.  One other possibility is that your payment has been misapplied.  Although we strive for 100% accuracy, sometimes mistakes will occur.  This rarely happens, but if it does, we will make every effort to resolve the issue and see to it that you do not suffer any negative consequences from our mistake. If you have received a notice, but you think that you have already paid your bill, we recommend that you contact your local WTG office at the number listed on your disconnect notice so that you can verify that the payment has been received and posted to your account.

Q: Is there a governmental agency that oversees gas utility companies?

A: Yes. In Texas, the appropriate agency is the Texas Railroad Commission (http://www.rrc.state.tx.us), and in Oklahoma, it is the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (http://www.occ.state.ok.us/).

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