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Operations and Maintenance Procedures

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Procedure # Procedure Name Date Modified Click to View
P-191.5 Reporting Incidents Jul 2022 View
P-191.17 Annual Report May 2020 View
P-191.23 Reporting Safety-Related Conditions Apr 2020 View
P-192.5 Class Location Survey & Determination Apr 2020 View
P-192.8 Jurisdictional Determination of regulated Gathering and Transmission Pipelines Jul 2022 View
P-192.14 Conversion of Service Mar 2011 View
P-192.16 Customer Notification Dec 2013 View
P-192.18 How to Notify PHMSA Apr 2023 View
P-192.69 Pipe Storage Aug 2022 View
P-192.105 Design of Pipelines Apr 2023 View
P-192.127 Record Keeping Apr 2020 View
P-192.161 Install and Repair Support Structures and Install Insulators Nov 2017 View
P-192.163 Compressor Station Design and Construction Apr 2022 View
P-192.203 Instrument, Control, and Sampling Pipe and Components May 2012 View
P-192.225 Pipeline Welding Sep 2022 View
P-192.241 Visual Inspection of Welds May 2012 View
P-192.243 Non-Destructive Testing of Welds May 2012 View
P-192.245 Repair or Removal of Weld Defects May 2012 View
P-192.273 Joining Methods: Threaded Connections Dec 2018 View
P-192.281 Joining of Plastic Pipe Apr 2023 View
P-192.305 General Inspection Dec 2018 View
P-192.319 Installation of Pipe in a Ditch Apr 2023 View
P-192.325 Measure Underground Clearance Nov 2017 View
P-192.351 Customer Meters, Service Regulators, and Service Lines Mar 2021 View
P-192.455 Installation of Cathodic Protection System Dec 2018 View
P-192.459 External Examination of Exposed Pipe May 2012 View
P-192.461 Apply and Repair External Coating Apr 2023 View
P-192.465(a) Conduct Cathodic Protection Surveys May 2019 View
P-192.465(b) Inspect/Test/Repair Rectifier Jan 2023 View
P-192.465(c) Inspect Reverse Current Switches, Diodes and Interference Bonds May 2019 View
P-192.465(d) Remedial Action to Correct Deficiencies Apr 2023 View
P-192.465(e) Re-Evaluation of Unprotected Pipelines May 2012 View
P-192.467 Electrical Isolation May 2012 View
P-192.469 Corrosion Control Test Station Installations May 2012 View
P-192.473 Minimize Stray Currents Apr 2023 View
P-192.475(a) Internal Corrosion Control May 2012 View
P-192.475(b) Visual Inspection of Internal Surface May 2012 View
P-192.477 Monitor Internal Corrosion May 2012 View
P-192.479 Protection Against Atmospheric Corrosion Nov 2017 View
P-192.481 Visually Inspect for Atmospheric Corrosion Feb 2021 View
P-192.483 Cathodic Protection Remediation Jul 2011 View
P-192.487 Cathodic Protection Remediation: Distribution Lines Installed before 8/1/1971 Jul 2011 View
P-192.501 Steel Pipeline Pressure Test Requirements Feb 2021 View
P-192.513 Test Requirements for Plastic Pipelines Dec 2022 View
P-192.553 Uprate Pipeline May 2020 View
P-192.605(a) Operations and Maintenance Annual Review Dec 2013 View
P-192.605(b)(3) Making Information Available Dec 2013 View
P-192.605(b)(5) Starting Up and Shutting Down Pipeline Jan 2023 View
P-192.605(b)(6) Isolation of Compressor Jul 2021 View
P-192.605(b)(7) Operating Compressor Station Nov 2021 View
P-192.605(b)(8) Review of Work Done by Operator Apr 2014 View
P-192.605(b)(9) Trench Safety May 2012 View
P-192.605(c) Handling Abnormal Conditions May 2023 View
P-192.607 Verification of Pipeline Materials Apr 2020 View
P-192.613 Continuing Surveillance Apr 2023 View
P-192.614 Damage Prevention Program Dec 2013 View
P-192.615 Emergency Response Aug 2014 View
P-192.615(c) Liaison with Public Officials Jan 2021 View
P-192.616 Public Awareness May 2012 View
P-192.617 Investigation of Incidents and Failures Jul 2022 View
P-192.619 MAOP Determination May 2023 View
P-192.625 Odorization of Gas Apr 2016 View
P-192.627 Tapping Pipelines Under Pressure Dec 2018 View
P-192.629 Purging of Pipeline Apr 2022 View
P-192.634 Rupture Mitigation Valve Aug 2022 View
P-192.705 Pipeline Patrol Inspections Apr 2016 View
P-192.706 Leakage Surveys Oct 2023 View
P-192.706(b) Leak Reporting Oct 2022 View
P-192.707 Place and Maintain Line Markers Oct 2020 View
P-192.711 Pipeline Repairs Dec 2021 View
P-192.712 Analysis of Predicted Failure Pressure Apr 2020 View
P-192.727 Abandonment or Inactivation of Facilities Jul 2021 View
P-192.731(a)(b)(c) Compressor Relief/Shutdown Jun 2022 View
P-192.735 Compressor Station Storage of Combustible Materials Apr 2016 View
P-192.736 Compressor Station Gas Detection May 2012 View
P-192.739 Inspect, Calibrate and Maintain Overpressure Safety Devices Feb 2024 View
P-192.745 Valve Maintenance Feb 2024 View
P-192.749 Vault Inspection May 2023 View
P-192.751 Prevention of Accidental Ignition May 2012 View
P-192.905 Analysis for High Consequence Areas May 2012 View
P-OCC-165-45-9-2.1 Restoration of Service May 2012 View
P-TAC 8.208 Mandatory Removal and Replacement Program for Gas Distribution Systems May 2012 View
P-TAC 8.225 Plastic Pipe Requirements May 2012 View
P-TAC 8.230 School Piping Testing Jun 2020 View
  Management of Change Apr 2023 View
P-WTG-Pigging PIG Launching/Receiving Apr 2020 View
P-WTG-Hot Hot Work Nov 2017 View

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