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Steel Project Requirement

Project Requirement


Procedure# Procedure Name Click to
  Contractor Book Cover Page View
P-192.69 Storage and Handling of Pipe View
P-192.105 Design of Pipelines View
P-192.161 Install and Repair Support Structures and Install Insulators View
P-192.225 Pipeline Welding View
P-192.241 Daily Welding Inspections View
P-192.243 Non-Destructive Testing of Welds View
P-192.245 Repair or Removal of Weld Defects View
P-192.273 Joining Methods: Thread Connections View
P-192.305 General Inspection View
P-192.319 Installation of Pipe in a Ditch View
P-192.325 Measure Underground Clearance View
P-192.351 Customer Meters, Service Regulators, and Service Lines View
P-192.455 Installation of Cathodic Protection System View
P-192.459 External Examination of Exposed Pipe View
P-192.461 Apply and Repair External Coating View
P-192.469 Corrosion Control Test Station Installation View
P-192.479 Protection Against Atmospheric Corrosion View
P-192.501 Steel Pipeline Pressure Test Requirements View
P-192.605(b)(5) Starting Up and Shutting Down Pipeline View
P-192.605(b)(9) Trench Safety View
P-192.614 Damage Prevention Program View
P-192.619 MAOP Determination View
P-192.627 Tapping Pipelines Under Pressure View
P-192.629 Purging or Blowing Down of a Pipeline View
P-192.707 Place and Maintain Line Markers View
P-192.711 Pipeline Repairs View
P-192.727 Abandonment of Inactivation of Facilities View
P-192.751 Prevention of Accidental Ignition View
P-WTG-Hot Hot Work View

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