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Operations and Maintenance Forms

Form # Form Name Date Modified Click to View
WTG-TX-DRF 3rd Party Damage Incident Form TDRF (WTG DRF) – TX Apr 2022 View PDF
WTG-OK-DRF 3rd Party Damage Incident Form DRF (WTG DRF) – OCC May 2019 View PDF
PO-MOC PO-MOC Request Apr 2023 View XLS
F-191.1 Incident Notification, Reporting & Investigation May 2012 View PDF
F-191.9 Incident Notification, Reporting & Investigation (Distribution) May 2012 View PDF
F-191.11 Annual Report (Distribution) May 2012 View PDF
F-191.17 Annual Report May 2012 View PDF
F-191.25 Safety-Related Condition Report May 2012 View PDF
F-192.5 Class Location Survey Apr 2020 View
F-192.8 Jurisdiction Determination Jan 2022 View PDF
F-192.14 Conversion of Service May 2012 View PDF
F-192.225 Pipeline Welding Packet May 2012 View PDF
F-192.305 General Inspection Report May 2012 View PDF
F-192.455 Installation of Cathodic Protection System May 2012 View
F-192.465(d) CP Remediation Log May 2012 View PDF
F-192.465(e) Re-evaluation of Unprotected Pipelines May 2011 View
F-192.477 Internal Corrosion Control Monitoring May 2011 View
F-192.513 Plastic Pipeline Pressure Test Record May 2012 View PDF
F-192.517 Steel Pipeline Pressure Test Record Nov 2017 View
F-192.605(a) Manual Review May 2012 View
F-192.605(b)(8) Review of Work Done by Operator Personnel May 2012 View PDF
F-192.605(c) Abnormal Operating Conditions Apr 2016 View PDF
F-192.613 Continuing Surveillance Apr 2023 View PDF
F-192.614 Damage Prevention May 2012 View PDF
F-192.615 Handling Emergencies May 2012 View PDF
F-192.615(c) Public Liaison Jan 2021 View
F-192.619 MAOP Determination(poly) Jan 2022 View XLS
F-192.619 MAOP Determination(steel) Jan 2022 View XLS
F-192.706 Leakage Survey Jan 2013 View PDF
F-192.706(a) Aerial Leak Survey Form Jan 2013 View PDF
F-192.709 Repair Work Order May 2012 View PDF
F-192.727 Facility Abandonment Record May 2012 View PDF
F-192.731(a) Compressor Station Relief Device May 2012 View PDF
F-192.731(c) Compressor Station ESD Test May 2011 View PDF
F-192.736 Compressor Station Gas Detection May 2012 View PDF
F-192.743 Relief Device Capacity Determination Report May 2012 View PDF
F-192.749 Vault Inspection Dec 2018 View PDF
OCC-PSR 5001 Notice of Construction Mar 2021 View PDF
TAC-8.205 Leak Complaint Log May 2012 View PDF
TAC-8.208 Compression Coupling Replacement Report May 2012 View
WTG-1100 Exposed Pipeline Inspection Jul 2021 View PDF
WTG-1101 Leak Report Form Apr 2022 View XLS
WTG-1102 Regulator Station Inspection Sheet May 2022 View PDF
WTG-1103 Pipeline Patrol Apr 2016 View PDF
WTG-1104 Emergency Valve Inspection Feb 2024 View PDF
WTG-1200 Rectifier Inspection Form Nov 2022 View XLS
WTG-1201 Interference Bond Data Sheet May 2012 View
WTG-1202 Atmospheric Corrosion Survey Jan 2022 View XLS
WTG-1203 Cathodic Protection Jan 2013 View
WTG-1301 Odorant Usage Report Jan 2023 View XLS
WTG-1302 Farm Tap Odorant Inspection and Maintenance May 2012 View PDF
WTG-1303 Odorant Concentration Test May 2012 View PDF
WTG-1304 Plan Review Jan 2013 View
WTG-1400 Project Report Feb 2022 View XLS
WTG-Attendance Attendance Form Jun 2019 View PDF
WTG-Emissions Rpt Emissions Report Jan 2024 View XLS
WTG-Hot Work Hot Work Permit Nov 2017 View PDF
WTG-Wick Wick Odorization Mar 2011 View PDF

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